Gems or better precious stones, are the central part of the jewellery designed by Claire Moens Colour, clarity and splendour of the wide variety of precious stones are the inspiring elements of her designs. “I try to design the jewel around the gem, to bring out the essence of the stone rather then to use it just for decoration. As such, gems are indeed the very soul of my jewellery.”

Beside the classics like diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, Claire uses many less known stones such as beryl, fire opals, tourmalines and peridote and many others. These gems show very distinct qualities, which make them, ideal for the very personal designs by Claire Moens. Therefore you will not find Claire’s designs at the traditional jeweller.

These designs are inspired by the personality of the individual client, in other words they are custom made. “ Indeed, says Claire, I want to make jewellery that fits the client like a glove, so that my work tells the essence of that person.” Each design is unique: only one will be made. On request, Claire also uses stones that the customers already have in their possession.

Claire Moens studied jewellery and design at the art academies of Antwerp and Sint-Niklaas. Furthermore she graduated in gemmology and in diamond grading and identification at the Antwerp Diamond High Council. She also graduated in antiques.

Finally, Claire often gives presentations about precious stones and her jewellery. “It is my intention to explain to my audience that there are many more marvellous gemstones beside the well known diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The less known precious stones deserve to be discovered and shown, and is for me a real pleasure to guide you in such a discovery. A more specific presentation about diamonds or pearls can also be provided.”